week 6 review animation workshop on Monday and Friday

on first animation workshop we learn about rotoscoped. Use rotoscoped create animation need ps and pr. Save video frame by frame with pr, use ps layout and print it out, rotoscoped with tracing paper and scan into the pc, cut down frame by frame in ps and use animation timeline edit.

Lucy showed us a video talk about how the animation use rotoscoped to create animate. There are lot of animate studio use this way create animation or movies. I think rotoscoped is easy way for animation beginners to make animate. Basis on the video action you can draw your own special animate with your own style.

I plan use rotoscoped to made part of my Demonstration project animation. The theme of my project is about transposition consideration, and Trudi tell me a English idiom in tutorial called “step into someone’s shoe”or”Put yourself in one’s shoes”.They all use shoes as a metaphor for someone else’s situation and step into it to transpositional consideration. So I shot video footage about different people walking to rotoscoped.

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